Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ed Davey announces 4.5GW of clean electricity capacity added to UK grid for £12bn

Not quite. It's 3174 MWe wind plus 1326 MWe biomass. The biomass looks like it will got by cheaply converting coal-fired stations. All of this is provisional. The biomass, imported wood from North America, will certainly go ahead but what of the wind? It's been approved by DECC, but generators have recently declined to go ahead or have been defeated on 2 big offshore wind projects. In UK, actual wind obtained averages only 30% of nominal capacity (offshore) and 23% (onshore). I get 952 MWe of clean energy and 1326 MW of dirty energy added to the grid. Costing £12bn in total. Compare it to Hinkley C: 3200 MW costing £16bn. Apply a utilization factor of 81% to Hinkley C, to get 2592 MWe of actual clean energy for 16bn. [90% utilization has been typical of US nuclear plants for the past 15 years, but UK nuclear plants have an average utilization of 81%] Which is the better deal?

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