Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Greenwash - rose-tinted spectacles, tunnel vision, or just political propaganda.

In 1984, Christopher Flavin, the President emeritus of the Worldwatch Institute, said that in a few years’ time wind energy will not need to be subsidised. Booz, Allen & Hamilton wrote a report in 1983 saying the same thing. As did Amory Lovins and the American Wind Energy Association, who testified that California Energy Commission had predicted wind would soon be cheaper than all other electricity generation.

Despite being consistently wrong on renewable energy economics and viability, greens never admit to their mistaken forecasts. Why?

What's the reality? Physics Nobel Laureate and ex-US Energy Secretary Stephen Chu told the New York Times that solar technology would have to get five times better to be competitive in today’s energy market.

  1. Will renewables become cost-competitive anytime soon?
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