Sunday, 4 January 2015

Recently closed UK power stations. Why bother?

Here, in a nutshell is where Ofgem see UK electricity capacity heading.

Changes in installed capacity by generation technology type in Ofgem reference scenario

We are closing down lots of generation. We will be opening only wind, biomass or gas (CCGT).

Major Power Producers capacity closed, converted or reduced (as at end of May 2014), since end-2010
SiteFuelStatusPrevious Capacity (MW)New Capacity (MW)Year of closure / reduction / conversion
Kingsnorth ACoal/OilClosed1,94002012
Grain AOilClosed1,30002012
OldburyNuclear 1Closed43402012
Wylfa (Reactor 1)Nuclear 2Partially Closed9804902012
Kings LynnCCGTMothballed34002013
DraxCoal 3Partially Converted3,8703,8702013
IronbridgeCoal 4Converted9403602013
Tilbury BCoal 5Closed75002013
Didcot ACoal/GasClosed1,95802013
TeessideOCGT 6Closed4502013
Ferrybridge CCoal 7Partially Closed19609802014
UskmouthCoal 8Closed36302014
  1. Reactor 2 with capacity of 217 MW closed on 30 June 2011, reactor 1 with capacity of 217 MW closed on 29 February 2012
  2. Reactor 2 with a capacity of 490 MW closed on 30 April 2012
  3. Partly converted to biomass. Overall capacity remains at 3,870 MW (coal 3,225 MW, biomass 645 MW)
  4. Converted from coal to dedicated biomass in 2013 (at 900 MW), before reducing to 360 MW in April 2014.
  5. Converted from coal at 1,063 MW capacity to dedicated biomass at 750 MW capacity in 2011 before closing in 2013.
  6. Reduced capacity from 1,875 MW (CCGT 1,830 MW / OCGT 45 MW) to 45 MW (OCGT) in 2011 before closing in 2013.
  7. Two units (980 MW) closed in April 2014.
  8. One unit (120 MW) closed in April 2013, with the remaining two closing in April 2014.

After these closures, most of the rest will be nuclear power. Yet more coal plant closures will happen after that.

Forthcoming scheduled capacity closures under NG’s Gone Green scenario (by fuel and in MW)
Oil + Gas Turbine (GT)1140
  1. OFGEM, Electricity Capacity Assessment Report 2013 to Secretary of State, page 30
  2. DUKES 2014 Chapter 5: Electricity, page 120

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