Sunday, 12 April 2015

James Lovelock - Why I am a green sceptic

The scientific work that I've done in my life, such as inventing the ECD and developing Gaia theory, are very closely related to Green politics and Green philosophy. And yet, instead of being a whole-hearted supporter of the Green movement and joining in their campaigns against nuclear power or genetically modified food, I find myself in very much the same position as George Orwell did, vis-a-vis the socialism in his time. One's only to read Animal Farm to see the doubts and skepticism that he had. Like George Orwell, I see the benefits and good things about socialism. I'm a passionate supporter of the health service, particularly as it was, but I'm also aware of the problems. And, I think in some ways, they're sort of linked. I think much of the distortion of the Green movement's wish to be representatives of a better earth of our living better with our planet come to grief because their origins were in CND and the nuclear disarmament movements. They inevitably grew to look on anything to do with nuclear power as evil and harmful. And, as a consequence, they've neglected to note that it is the one major power source, that was available to us, that doesn't pollute the planet to any conceivable extent. I don't agree with the fuss there is about the disposal of nuclear waste and have offered to take here, on my site, the full output of high level waste from any nuclear power station that likes to send it here. I would see that it was properly buried in a concrete pit and used for heat, from the nuclear waste, to keep my house warm. What a waste not to so use it. But, be that as it may, it will never happen because the local council would never allow it, nor public opinion generally. But, that's how I feel about it and I imagine that, in 50 years time, when the effects of the greenhouse are really upon us that many will be saying: " what a shame it was that we were so against nuclear power back in the 20th century".

Video: James Lovelock - Why I am a green sceptic

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Environmentalism has become a religion

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