Monday, 1 September 2014

PatLogan - Comparing Solar vs Nuclear (EPR) costs


Perhaps you should note that the original Feed-in Tariff of 42p/KwH has be halved.

It has. and strangely enough, I the wake of that the rate of new installations has collapsed.

The strike price for the new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point is over 3-times that.

You'r a factor of ten out. £92.5/MWh is for 1000 KWh, not 100. So the price is 9.2p/KWh. So, the solar cost is about 3 1/3 x the Hinkley price. Of course, the solar price omits the costs of either sles torage or back-up generation. Solar requires 100% back-up; nuclear about 10-15%

They take the form of tax breaks

In fact, even larger tax allowances apply to renewables. Investment in renewables schemes attracts "Enterprise Investment Allowances" for individual investors at 30%. From the corporate perspective, all capital expenditure in renewables generation falls under "Enhanced Capital Allowances" - a far more generous regime that applies to any other form of generation, or for investments in oil and gas. In fact it allows capital investment to be charged against tax at up to 100% in the first year.

relief from liability for cosequent environmental and health issues

Similarly, intermittent renewables are exempt from penalties under the "Balancing and Settlement" code - i.e. from the costs they impose on the rest of the system.

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