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Possible new UK nuclear builds (by PatLogan) ~ 17.7GWe

Another PatLogan repost from the Guardian CiF



at the moment, we've got three consortia (and probably a fourth) each putting up several hundred millions to buy the rights to develop one or more of the UK licensed sites.

  • EdF:CGNPC:CNNPC:Areva for Sizewell and Hinkley Point ( in the ratio 51:20:20:9. Each site is 2x1600MW EPR
  • Hitachi (100%) for Wylfa and Oldbury. Each site is 2x 1300MW ABWR
  • Toshiba (60%) and GdF-Suez (40%) for Moorside The site is 3x1100MW AP1000
  • and it's looking increasingly likely that a CNNPC:CGNPC consortium is buying Bradwell to build at least 2x1400MW CAP1400

you were saying?



Actual demand for electricity in 2012 was 35.8GW on average, and 57.49GW at its peak. Planned new nuclear reactor builds will generate 15.525GWe, with a possible addition of 3GWe more (at Bradwell). By 2024 all other nuclear plants apart from Sizewell B should've closed. Add Sizewell B at 1198 MW. Apply a 90% capacity factor, the UK could expect 17.008 GWe of nuclear electricity by the late 2020s.

ConsortiumSiteLocaleType#Capacity (MWe gross)Start
EDF EnergynHinkley Point CSomersetEPR2165033002015
EDF EnergynSizewell CSuffolkEPR2165033002017
HorizonWylfa NewyddWalesABWR2138027602019
NuGenerationMoorsideCumbriaAP1000 3113534052020
HorizonOldbury BGlosABWR2138027602025

Current nuclear power gross capacity is up to 9190 MWe, with 490 MWe (Wylfa) due to close before the end of 2015.

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